Frozen salted  wakame stem cut
  Other nameShredded wakame salted, Frozen salted wakame cut
  Botanical nameUndaria pinnatifida
  OriginShandongand Liaoning privince, China
Packiage15kgs carton
Gross weight15.75kgs
Quantity/40’ fcl26250kgs/1750cartons
AppearanceShort and equal strips, cut across wakame stem
ColorNormal green
Mineral impuritiesNone
Period of validity3 years in frozen place


Wakame is a kind of healthy seaweed. 

Its nutrition is rich than kelp and there are protein, vitamin, 

mineral in it which is good for body development and diet.

Product introduction


Frozen seaweed salad is also called Hiyashi wakame. Its main ingredient is wakame peduncle. Wakame is grown in clean sea area. China, Japan and Korea are main plant bases. 

> Economical

> Natural


> instant

>Ingredient: seaweed 100%

>shelf life: 18 months

> Place of origin: China

Our service

We export to supermarket and restaurants. Different packing is acceptable. 

There are 150g, 500g, 1kg, 2kg and bulk package too. 

We provide OEM service and accept customer’s made to order.

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