Booth 1G32, 27th Food Exhibition Moscow Feb.10-14

Nov 9th, 2022

We have our own seaweed factory producing laminaria japonica (sea kelp) and wakame, with more than 200 employees.  Algae products such as Spirulina, chlorella and Blue Spirulina (Phycocyanin), Chlorella extract (CGF) etc. are from the most professional and largest manufacturer in China.

Additionally, we have abundant exporting experience in these products: Seafood(including mussel meat, clam meat, squid, octopus, roasted eel,tuna, scallop etc),Roasted seaweed sushi Nori, Hijiki seaweed,Rosehip, Stevia, Goji berry, Mushroom, Organic barley grass and wheat grass powder, kale powder, Bean curd sticks (soy asparagus,Fuzhu), Chuka salad, Dehydrated vegetables, FD vegetables and fruits etc. One word, we are lifeful professional food trader, we can try our best to offer what you need if you can give us your inquiries.