Barley Grass Powder 200 mesh

Nov 9th, 2022

Organic barley grass powder:


1,Uses fresh young wheat through the international organic base as raw material, strictly according to international organic authentication regulations processing.
2. 100% pure natural nutriment, does not have any chemical additive. 
3, Besides of contain vegetable protein, natural vitamin, and kinds of minerals, the barley leaves also include diversified nutrient, for example, activated ferment, chlorophyll, animalistic flavone, and so on, the nutrient can meet body’s need and be absorbed fully, it’s the best natural health food. 
4, According to the personal taste , mix and drink with beverages such as milk, fruit juice, etc., 
5, Having barley peculiar fragrant flavors, simple and convenient, suitable for all kinds of crowds.


Drinking method:
Drink 1-2 times every day, once and a pouch, add or subtract consumption according to the individual needing.
1, Wash the cup cleans first.
2, pouring 150ml cold water or milk into the cup. 
3, Put a pouch of the product. 
4,Tighten the cup, shake to even. 
5, Then pouring it into glass and drink, if put a few ice cubes, the mouth-feel is better.


1, after Pours the powder into drinking glass and then match to solution, must use the ladle full agitation to be even, then takes..
2, This product should be taken at once after mixing evenly and not put longer time. 
3,Should put this product into water below 40 ℃ to drink, please don't put into the hot water directly, so as not to destroy the nutrient component.
4, Please don't pour powder in the mouth directly, so as not to stop up the throat.