Hot Sale Yuba Soybean Stick Fuzhu

Sep 21st, 2022

1. Fuzhu: Dried soya bean curd stick is healthy,nutritional food, specially fit for vegetarians.


2. Introduction: 
It is a Chinese traditional food made from bean and water. It is full of bean fragrance and contains rich protein and other nutritious ingredient, cholesterol-free. Except dried bean curd stick, we also supply dried bean curd knot, dried bean curd segment, bean curd sheet etc. They are good taste and easily stored. The sticks resemble yellow icicles, while bean curd sheet is Flat Square. 

3. Characteristics: 
(1). Non-transgenic bean 
(2). Meat substitute 
(3). Rich in protein 
(4). Suitable for vegetarian 

4. Compared with other food, it is low in calories but high in protein. 
100g soya curd sticks 40-42g protein 
100g tofu 11-12g protein 
100g ground beef 9-10g protein 
100g cheese 6-7g protein 

5. How to use: 
First, DIP in warm water for several minutes till it become soft. 1. It can be stirred with meat, spicy or ingredients you like to cook. 2. Cool dish is OK. 3. If cut them into short pieces and add into soup, the taste better. 

6. Shelf life: 12 months kelp in cool and dry place ( under 20 centigrade degree is the best) 

7. Quality acceptance: 100% quality soybean juice production, without any additives or pigment 

8. CIQ certificates for export goods: Phytosanitary certificate, Sanitary certificate, Quality certificate